16 May

Our unique software builds business and profits


Our software give you a massive edge over your competitor.

Running a successful cleaning business is not easy, it takes dedication and hard work. But is there away to make it easier? YES

With our years of industry experience we have learned how to work smarter not harder and developed software to do most of the work for us. Most importantly it makes us more efficient, professional and prepared.

So what does it do?

It will allow you to control of your business anywhere any time
Get critical information at a glance through the Information dashboard.
Win More Bids with the most powerful and flexible bidding software available
Provide prospective clients with highly professional cleaning bids
Provide your clients and prospective clients with a transparent quality management system that give them confidence in your business and give you a substantial edge over your competition
Manage and monitor your cleaners to keep cleaning standards high
Automated Periodical Tasks and Monitoring
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Cleaner Tracking App

Ask for more information on how our Ace Franchise and software will work to give you the tools you need to grow your business and profits