Ace Cleaning Services Franchising, established in 1949

So whats this mean to you?

  • Over 70 years in an industry means we must be doing something right.
    • As an Ace Franchise you have the the opportunity to learn how to grow and maintain your Ace Franchise using the same techniques and systems that we use.
    • This allows you to fast track your business growth bringing on new clients and keeping existing clients.


  • A 70 year old brand gives you an edge over your competitors
    • Using the Ace brand for your marketing and presenting to a new client gives you an edge no one else in the industry can have – a 70 year old brand


  • Our experience has allowed us to develop a unique and state of the art quality management software and systems that maintain growth, cleaning standards and client satisfaction.
    • As an Ace Franchise we will share with you our integrated quality management software and systems.  This unique Quality Management system not only keeps your clients it attracts new potential clients and gives you the edge you need to beat the opposition and land more contracts.


Our Franchise Models

Commercial Cleaning

Based upon commercial office cleaning, with an initial purchase of contracts and royalty based franchise system.

Pros, Immediate cash flow.

Cons, Higher Initial Outlay


Domestic Cleaning

Based upon domestic cleaning services, with no initial contracts and a static monthly service fee.

Pros Very Low Initial Outlay, from day one, new job leads sent to you daily.

Cons No Initial contracts


  • Our Ace Franchises focuses on growth

    • We want you to have the skills to take control of the growth in your business
    • This means we train you in the techniques we use to find and win new clients
    • Other franchise models want to keep you chained to them, having to buy new contracts from them to grow your business. They never provide you with the skills to do it yourself. This is how they make money and keep you locked in to them.
    • Our Ace Franchise is different we are confident that the ongoing growth of your franchise utilizing the exclusiveness of our 70 year old brand and growth growing quality management software and systems will keep you with us


  • Who we are looking for

    • Individuals who want to run a cleaning business not just buy a cleaning job
    • Individuals prepared to always look for marketing and growth opportunities
    • Individuals willing to implement the strategies we use to develop and win new cleaning business


Ace Franchise Benefits

  • Learn the techniques we have developed over 70 years.
  • Learn how to find new clients
  • Learn how to quote, price bids and present professional quotations
  • Learn how to create a more profitable business
  • Learn our quality management systems that keep your clients
  • Control the hours you work
  • Get the training, support and marketing and backup you need to become your own boss.
  • Learn how to properly train and monitor your cleaning staff. (One of the keys to successful business growth)
  • Experience the satisfaction and reward of building up a successful business.
  • Have a business that gives you the Opportunity to Work and Earn as Much as YOU Like.
  • No restriction on where you can work.
  • No additional fees or charges


To find out more about our franchise opportunities and for information on our current offers or promotions please select the link to our enquiry page and we will get back to you with more detail.

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