What to look for in a cleaning Franchise

What makes a great cleaning franchise business

When buying a cleaning franchise most people believe that it is a magic wand that will magically make money for them with no effort.

As in anything the effort you put in will be directly reflected in the result you get.

If buying a cleaning franchise, look for a franchise that does not treat you like a cleaner, but gives you the skills and knowledge to develop and grow your business yourself.

This should include, business planning, management, sale, quoting, training in marketing and the use of internet and social media.

This means more work and more effort, not just being a cleaner but becoming a marketer and entrepreneur.

Newtons law of physics said it best, every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

“So if you buy a cleaning franchise and treat your franchise as if you were just a cleaner you will get the results a cleaner would get.

If you buy a cleaning franchise and treat it like a business, market it and continue to look for growth opportunities and your business will grow.”

Buying a franchise guide Check this link from the Franchise Council of Australia

The success of any business can be directly related to the proper use of systems and protocols gained through experience and time. This intellectual property is the heart of any franchise system. An Ace Cleaning Franchise is a license to operate a  cleaning business under a 70 year old brand, using the systems and operational procedures developed by Ace Cleaning. An easy to operate & profitable business model. A system that you will grow with the support of the Ace Cleaning system & management team.