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18 Sep

How to quote and win contracts

Do you want to learn our strategies that have kept us in business for over 70 years?

An Ace Cleaning Franchise will show you how:-

  1. How To Build Your Own Cleaning Business With Minimal Risk.
  2. How to time, price and process commercial cleaning quotations.
  3. How to create professionally presented quotations that will make prospective clients want you.
  4. How to quote with real profits and still win contracts.
  5. How to beat your competitors
  6. How to find new potential contracts.
  7. How to keep your existing clients and still increase profits.



Most of the above simply requires knowledge and hard work. There are no easy answers to making money. However there are short cuts.

  1. A strong recognised brand
  2. Copying a successful system
  3. Applying those systems consistently
  4. Software to automate successful systems.

Over 70 years of industry experience has gone into our growth strategy development. Ace will train you in all of the techniques you need to win clients and gain profits.

Access to our Unique in house software

Ace provide you with our in house software that will streamline your management systems and due to its unique design create greater opportunity to win clients, maintain and grow profits and keep existing clients.